Bathtubs, Tile, and Full Bathroom refinishing. We are THE bathroom refinishing company for you!

Refinishing, resurfacing, reglazing, and re-coloring are all the same thing. It is a process "The Tub Guys", based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, use to make your bathtub, tile and full bathroom, look Bright White and beautiful!

This includes Porcelain and Cast Iron, Fiberglass, Steel and ceramic and acrylic bathtub and tile shower stall refinishing. We also do bathroom wall tile regularly, as well as floors.

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We also do countertop refinishing. Color selection has a couple of options. You can have them done in either a solid color, high gloss or satin finish. For countertops, we strongly suggest that you go with a Satin finish! If you look at your counter tops now, you will very likely notice that they are a flat or satin finish now. The manufacturer does this, to hide the micro scratches, that happen, when you slide a Crock-Pot or cutting board, plate, jar or anything else across the counter. If the surface was a gloss, you are much more likely to see those little scratches! With a satin you will see notably less see a water or condensation ring left behind. This is because the satin hides it, not because it isn't there.

To pick a solid color, you can go to Sherwin Williams and get their COLOR collection. We will have our Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane, made in that color. Keep in mind, these are highly specialized coatings! Manufacturing them is not as easy, as it is to generate a wall paint. Typically, the color that you select from the COLOR swatch, is going to be within about 10% of what the final color is going to be after manufacturing. The second option for countertops, is going to be our Multi-Color coating. It is going to have more of a Cambria or a Silestone type of appearance. It has a little texture to it and is sprayed on thicker than a solid color. However, it is still our suggestion that you have it finished in our satin. Here is a link to the Multi-Color options. Sometimes colors get discontinued, so please be prepared for having to select an alternate color.

Call us today at 612-239-5835 or Email us at shane@thetubguys.net
We add a personal touch to every bathtub or tile resurfacing we do.

// Testimonials

Client Feedback.


Shane was very friendly and professional. He explained every step of the process and delivered exactly what he promised.

Wendy B

Wayzata, MN

Shane did an amazing job of making our old cast iron tub look completely new again....I was very impressed with the transformation.

Catherine Z


Shane was really thorough with his assessment of our tub before he began working on it and very upfront with what to expect and the costs for everything.

Noah S

Minneapolis, MN

One thing I will say about The Tub Guys is that They are *very* concerned about doing a quality job and about their reputation - that's a good thing.

Michael D

New Brighton, MN

The Tub Guys could not have handled the process of going from a simple phone call to the completion of texturing the bottoms of more than 200 bathtub units any better!!

Gene E

Tarrytown, NY