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The Tub Guys are a bathtub refinishing company, based in Minneapolis, MN, and is an experienced leader, in the bathtub refinishing industry. We are proud of the level of expertise and personal touch, we bring to bathtub refinishing, in the Twin Cities metro area, on every job!

The Tub Guys add a personal touch, to every bathtub resurfacing we do. Our years of experiences with 10's of thousands of bathtub refinishes and the experience to do this well, have helped us maintain the industry lead, in areas such as, produce understanding and use and ventilation, a critical part of performing the task of refinishing, with our customers comfort and safely! We have developed a system to manage the strong fragrance, as well as the majority of dust/over spray, associated with refinishing. The strength of the odor in your home, should never be stronger than the strength of smell in a nail salon! Our customers have only to deal with the very minimum of fragrance in their homes, a little dust and a great looking bathtub! The most common comment is, "It smells way less than what I was told to expect!" We are very proud of that! You ARE going to know that we are performing a small miracle, in your home.

Surface preparation is our number 2 priority after ventilation! The process and products that we use for surface prep are proprietary! These products and techniques, ensures that the unit that we refinish, has the best possible adhesion and durability. Preparation is the key to coating any surface; special and detailed attention is given to training all of our technicians, in surface preparation! This is the single most critical part of refinishing! With a background in statistical and quality process control, I am confident that we are providing you with the best possible refinish and we will continue, for as long as we are in business, to challenge ourselves to continuously improve!

I don't know if we are "The Best" or who is? However, I can promise you this, "I work hard, to bring the best people together, from suppliers to technicians, so we can deliver to you, what we believe to be the best refinish there is to offer!!" And, together, we constantly strive to keep that statement true! Products continuously change, that doesn't always mean improve? So, we keep in touch with our suppliers, to learn about and UNDERSTAND, the application and use of new advancements, that make our products stronger and/or more environmentally beneficial. We test those in the shop and in very selective applications, before ever using them in the general practice if what we do.

We have invested the time and money, into researching and testing, a verity of coatings and materials, from several different suppliers of cleaners and coatings. We constantly review our product line and upgrade as appropriate... Any new product that we use, must pass extensive in shop testing, before it is used, with customer consent, in a residential home. Also, periodically, technicians will go to jobs together, with the purpose of questioning and evaluating each other's techniques. This forces the technicians to justify their choices, before we have an issue. Furthermore, as one of our valued customers, if you see a way for us to improve our process, we would love to hear from you! Sometimes, even the simplest things, can make a big difference!

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Quality Work

We are proud of the level of quality we bring to every bathtub refinishing project!

Safe Practices

Ventilation is a critical part of performing the task of refinishing, safely!

Excellent Customer Service

Honest, informative, and timely. We wouldn't be around without our commitment to customer service.

Call us today at 612-239-5835 or Email us at shane@thetubguys.net
We add a personal touch to every bathtub or tile resurfacing we do.

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Client Feedback.


Shane was very friendly and professional. He explained every step of the process and delivered exactly what he promised.

Wendy B

Wayzata, MN

Shane did an amazing job of making our old cast iron tub look completely new again....I was very impressed with the transformation.

Catherine Z


Shane was really thorough with his assessment of our tub before he began working on it and very upfront with what to expect and the costs for everything.

Noah S

Minneapolis, MN

One thing I will say about The Tub Guys is that They are *very* concerned about doing a quality job and about their reputation - that's a good thing.

Michael D

New Brighton, MN

The Tub Guys could not have handled the process of going from a simple phone call to the completion of texturing the bottoms of more than 200 bathtub units any better!!

Gene E

Tarrytown, NY