As is the key to any job, the preparation work is the key. Special attention is given to train our technicians in the area of preparation.

  1. The first task at hand, is to ensure the area is completely clean. We would ask that you pre-clean the bathroom and remove any personal items. If we are going to be doing a tile surround, (The tile directly above the bathtub) or wall tile, we STRONGLY suggest, that the day before we arrive, you use a green scotch bright pad and a good multipurpose cleaner, such as 409, to scrub the grout lines. We are going to clean them as well, but this is a very important step, so please take the time to thoroughly clean the tile and grout lines!
  2. After aggressively cleaned, we apply an etching product to the area. This etch makes the surface a little more porous then the original finish. This will allow the new finish to penetrate into the old surface and create an outstanding bond. This is a very important step.
  3. We mask off around the surrounding surfaces and all of the fixtures. Here again is an area that we feel we are exceptional. This step is much more nuanced then it might sound and we feel that we excel.
  4. The surface is thoroughly cleaned again and dried.
  5. Next, we mix the two part base coat and apply it in three full coatings, making sure we are above the 2 mils minimum thickness. In reality, the coating doesn't care how many coats it goes on in. The coating honestly only cares about a minimum thickness called a "Perm Rating". It is this specifically designed base coat, that is one of the keys to our process. This coating is more important, than even the colored top coating, as this is what holds the top coating to the area to be refinished. It doesn't matter how good the top coat looks, if the work and products aren't put down to hold it on the unit.
  6. Next, we mix up the Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane. This industrial coating is the highest grade coating available and has a very high level of chemical resistance! The chemical resistance is very important, because you don't want the coating you just paid to have put on your bathtub or countertop, to be being broken down, by the cleaners you are using to keep them looking good! We can do it in just about any color you want.
  7. The finish coat, is applied to the area, using an HVLP application system, in four full coats. This ensures that we are above, the all important minimum thickness of 3 mils. (the top coat and base coat have different requirements)

The result, is a beautiful area, that looks better and cleans easier, with out the mess, expense and hassle of replacement.

tub refinish
tub refinish
tub refinish