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Commercial Bath Renovation


The Tub Guys have been helping contractors win their bids in hotels, condos, conversions, apartment remodels and section eight rehabilitation projects. We are currently working on getting involved with the Minnesota Housing Authority (MHA) to enable us to offer commercial bath renovation at a bulk rate, saving tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours over the cost of replacing them. We are accustomed to working with contractors whose schedules are unpredictable, at best. This also has helped bathroom contractors keep a larger percentage of their profits and impress their clients with fantastic commercial bath refinishing.

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Apartment Buildings

Why replace your tub or lower the rent on an apartment because another renter damaged your apartment, again? Some renters have little respect for the building that you are charged with maintaining. Often, property managers are not given the tools they need to keep an apartment looking "rent-worthy". Let The Tub Guys help you get top dollar for your newly available units. We have experience helping fix those burn marks in countertops, refinishing nasty tubs and/or surrounds that haven't been cleaned in a year, improving the look of tubs that have had hard water running through them for far to long, or any other ugly, lamentable detail that might dissuade a person from thinking it was a good idea to bathe or live in "that".

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Have your rooms seen their fair share of use? A gross-looking tub is enough to make the average guest run the other way. All it takes is one conversation with our commercial bath remodeling company to get your facility on the right track. Let The Tub Guys refinish and update your rooms at a fraction of the cost of replacement! It won’t take long at all to transform your hotel or motel and get people excited to come in to stay once again.

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