// After your newly refinished tub

How to care for your tub


  1. Do not touch the unit, for a BARE MINIMUM of 24 hours. More time is better. If you can, giving it 72 hours would be nice. However, if you have to use it after 24 hours, go ahead and carefully silicone the unit. We suggest GE Silicon 2, in WHite, Kitchen and bath.
  2. The unit wants to be able to dry, whenever possible. So, leave the bath fan run after a shower, for half hour or more. This is a good idea, even if the unit has not been refinished. It will help do control molds and mildew.
  3. Do no leave bottles sitting in the same corner, with water trapped underneath it. We are creature of habit and if you continually pick up and put back down, the bottle in the same place over and over, the area underneath the bottle, may not dry for days, months or even years. That will cause a premature failure of the coating.
  4. No bath mats, ever!
  5. Leaving the shower curtain open, will help the unit to dry.
  6. There are 3 rules of thumb.
    1. No Bath Mats, EVER!
    2. As you wonder what you can and cant clean the unit with, look at the mirror in the bathroom and ask yourself, "Would I be willing to use this product and applicator, on the mirror"... if the answer is, Yes, go ahead and use it on the tub.
    3. As you wonder what you can and can't do to the newly refinished unit, ask yourself, "Would I be will to do, what I am about to do, to the coating on the unit, to the paint on my dads car? Stand on it in your socks, yep. Stand on it in a pair of boots? Yes, but I would be a little careful and I would NEVER put a ladder on m y dads car, to paint the ceiling above it!