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Bathtub Crack Repair

Chips and cracks in new tubs can be fixed or repaired, most of the time. When you spot an imperfection in your bathtub, it’s time to call The Tub Guys! We’re experts in bathtub crack repair, and we’re ready to help get your tub back to its shining, sparkling standard.

We repair these imperfections with much the same process as a traditional refinish, only on a smaller scale. Chips and cracks are filled and patched. The damaged area is then feathered in to make the repair area flush and almost indiscernible from the original surface. We then find a color that closely matches the color of the bathtub or shower. The resin is mixed with catalyst and applied over the repaired area using a prevail air spray system.

It is possible that you will always be able to find the repair since you know just where it is. However, our goal is to make the repair such that it would take someone several minutes to find the repair if they were told to look for it and didn't know where the damage had been.


The team here at The Tub Guys pride themselves on the highest-quality tub crack repair you can get, and we won’t rest until your bathtub looks as flawless as we can make it.

Cracks in your bathtub are a bigger problem than a simple eyesore—if you leave dings, cracks, and chips unaddressed, you’ll never know when they’ll progress to something worse. Luckily, bathtub crack repair is usually the right answer (and it’s a lot more manageable than a bathtub replacement). Bathtub cracks can come about because of any number of reasons, but dropped items are a major cause. When you knock over a shampoo bottle or your child plays a bit aggressively with bath toys in the tub, your tub will wear down until cracks appear.

With each new crack, the structural integrity of your bathtub weakens. Without shower crack repair, you can rest assured knowing that these stress fractures won’t become a bigger issue down the road. Otherwise, you’re opening yourself up to your bathtub splitting down the middle at some point in the future or leaking water underneath. If that happens, the next thing you know, you’re dealing with mold! No homeowner or apartment dweller ever wants to deal with mold—have those chips in your bathtub repaired by the pros and rest easy.

When you’re ready to make some big improvements, the next steps are simple. Reach out to our team and schedule an appointment, and The Tub Guys will swing by to assess the situation. Then they’ll give you a quote and explain what they’ll do to bring your tub back to like-new standards!