Is your Counter Top or bathroom vanity top, just plain outdated or ugly?
Does your grandmother think they are outdated? We can fix that in a single day!

Countertops in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, need some attention! These kitchen layouts were designed 70+ years ago and altering them or even simply removing and replacing them, can be a significant undertaking. Worse yet, it can also turn into a project, that ends up looking like Tom Hanks movie, from the 80's, Called "The Money Pit"! We have a simple solution, that is going to cost the typical home owner $700-$900 and doesn't involve tearing out any cabinets or into any of the walls. We can just refinish them with our Multi-Color coatings and you will be without the countertops, for only a day!

What colors can you choose from?
Here are the colors that you can choose from. We STRONGLY suggest that you go with a satin finish, it wears much better than a high gloss.

┬╗Download Color Options Here

Why should you resurface your kitchen counter tops?
Simple, because you want to. Or, maybe the color or style needs to be brought into the 21st century. Are you selling your home? Refinishing the countertops can be a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate an objection that your buyer may have, making your home easier to sell, as they will not see, what could be thousands of dollars worth of projects, to update kitchen countertop after they buy.

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We add a personal touch to every bathtub, countertop, or tile resurfacing we do.