Is your Counter Top or bathroom vanity top, just plain outdated or ugly?
Does your grandmother think they are outdated? We can fix that in a single day!

Countertops in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, need some attention! These kitchen layouts were designed 70+ years ago and altering them or even simply removing and replacing them, can be a significant undertaking. Worse yet, it can also turn into a project, that ends up looking like Tom Hanks movie, from the 80's, Called "The Money Pit"! We have a simple solution, that is going to cost the typical home owner $700-$900 and doesn't involve tearing out any cabinets or into any of the walls. We can just refinish them with our Multi-Color coatings and you will be without the countertops, for only a day!

What colors can you choose from?

Here are the colors that you can choose from. We STRONGLY suggest that you go with a satin finish, it wears much better than a high gloss.

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Why should you resurface your kitchen counter tops?

Simple, because you want to. Or, maybe the color or style needs to be brought into the 21st century. Are you selling your home? Refinishing the countertops can be a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate an objection that your buyer may have, making your home easier to sell, as they will not see, what could be thousands of dollars worth of projects, to update kitchen countertop after they buy.

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The finish or top coat that we apply, is called an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane. This is a two-part urethane that is the highest grade industrial coating available. It scratches about the same as your existing laminate countertops and is significantly more impact and temp resistant, then granite or marble.

The advantages of this epoxy base coat, Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane top coat process, over our competitors and other products is:

  • The top coating is an aliphatic. (This means that it a high level of resistance, to the chemicals, that you will use to clean it and is very important for your countertops.)
  • The base coat is an epoxy type coating. Epoxy coatings strength is in adhesion, but will "yellow" over time. That is why we take advantage of its strengths and cover over it with our solid or Multi-Color urethane.
  • Impact resistant.
  • It handles the temperature changes in your countertop. No worries about a Crock-Pot heating up a small area, possibly causing a crack from the heat.


As is the key to any job, the preparation work is the key. After making sure that the countertop is completely clean and the edges are "cleaned up", we scuff up the surface and feather in any significant chips or holes. We mask off everything that we don't want to refinish. Then, once again, we thoroughly clean and dry the countertops.

The process then requires the technician to mix the two part base coat and apply it in three full coatings to the countertop. We are looking to get a particular thickness out of the three coatings to the countertops surface. It is this specially designed base coat, that is one of the keys to our process. This coating is possibly more important than the colored top coatings, as this is the base coat that keeps the countertop and the top coat connected to each other.

What we do for the top coat, which you will actually see, unlike the base coat, which will never be seen again, depends on what your color selection is! Multi-Color or solid color, this step is customized to you!

You can select, from Sherwin Williams COLOR collection, a solid color and we will have our specialty coating, made in that color. The color will end up being within 10% of the color you select. Or, you can select one of our Multi-Color colors.

»Download Color Options Here.


We will remove all old caulk, and re-caulk around the fixture before we leave.
Most bathtubs can be completed in less than four hours. Also, the bathtub can be used 48 hours after we have completed our work. Any great product will take a little time to dry. Think about super glue. It holds great…for a while. It then starts to fail. The quick dry application of super glue tells us this: it dries quick, holds strong for a short time, and then crumbles. Nobody I know has ever had something held together with Super Glue last more then a couple of weeks (unless the object exists in a stagnant environment, which almost nothing does).
The only time that we ever have an extra charge is if a bathtub has been previously coated. We have an additional $150.00 charge to remove the old coating. If the old coating is not removed, our new coating is applied over the old coating, and if it is not well bonded to your tub, then our coating is not well bonded to your tub. In this is the necessity for removal of the old coating.
We provide a five year guarantee on products and craftsmanship, and we are seeing our coatings last through 10-12 years of average use.

New bathtubs or liners will wear away over time and need to be addressed in the future as well. If a new bathtub or liner lasts 15 to 20 years and is worn out or out of date, is it worth the 600% in time and money you spent on it now?
Yes. However we have learned how to manage the majority of the fragrance. This is one of the many details that separates The Tub Guys from our competition. The smell can be strong and linger in your home for days or weeks if it is not managed correctly. We pride ourselves on the adequate management of all odors. Nobody wants to tolerate any more than absolutely necessary. After we leave, the door to the room is closed and the a fan left running for a few hours to continue the venting of the little remaining fumes outside. After several hours the coating will not generate any more fragrance.

The fragrance is not dangerous - only annoying. As with any fragrance, it will bother some individuals more that others.
Yes. The Tub Guys guarantee product and craftsmanship for 5 years.

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We add a personal touch to every bathtub, countertop, or tile resurfacing we do.