As is the key to any job, the preparation work is the key. After making sure that the countertop is completely clean and the edges are "cleaned up", we scuff up the surface and feather in any significant chips or holes. We mask off everything that we don't want to refinish. Then, once again, we thoroughly clean and dry the countertops.

The process then requires the technician to mix the two part base coat and apply it in three full coatings to the countertop. We are looking to get a particular thickness out of the three coatings to the countertops surface. It is this specially designed base coat, that is one of the keys to our process. This coating is possibly more important than the colored top coatings, as this is the base coat that keeps the countertop and the top coat connected to each other.

What we do for the top coat, which you will actually see, unlike the base coat, which will never be seen again, depends on what your color selection is! Multi-Color or solid color, this step is customized to you!

You can select, from Sherwin Williams COLOR collection, a solid color and we will have our specialty coating, made in that color. The color will end up being within 10% of the color you select. Or, you can select one of our Multi-Color colors.

┬╗Download Color Options Here.