The Tub Guy's process, for the resurfacing/recoloring, of bathtubs, shower stalls and/or sinks, is a very cost effective alternative to replacement.

The National Remodelers Association estimates that the average cost of replacing a bathtub, is $2,500-$3,000. Over the years, the size of tubs have changed and often a wall will have to be move and plumbing with need to be brought to up to code! That can be an expensive ordeal all by its self! Even if you do choose to pay the money to replace the old bathtub or sink with new, the chances are pretty good that the new tub or sink, is not going to have as much character, be as deep or of the same quality, as the old fixture. So, why pay more, to get a lesser product?


The majority of our customers resurface bathtubs Minneapolis and St. Paul area, because their tub has lost the original shine and luster... They often simply describe them as "Gross". You can not feel relaxed, in a soothing bath, if the tub you sitting in, feels dirty and unclean!


The "Gross" that most people are describing, is typically the result, of years of hard water stains and use. This results in a brown ugly build up and/or lackluster appearance. As a result of that, people tend to clean the tub with Ajax, Comet or some other abrasive, just like they saw their mother or even grandmother doing, to scrub away that build up... and it works. The problem is, that the abrasive does its own damage! It is an ABRASIVE and leaves behind small scratches. The calcium, iron and the "other" partials in water, soap scum, and petroleum in shampoos and conditioners, use these small scratches to cling to the your bathtub. It becomes a vicious cycle. The result is a bathtub, that has become dull from all the little scratches and difficult to keep clean. Refinishing, seals up these little scratches, making the unit easier to clean and returns the beautiful white luster! Frequently, customers also resurface their bathtubs to change or update the color. We are not sure, who ever thought that a Pink bathtub and wall tile was a great idea... but they were wrong!

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