The finish that we apply is called an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane enamel.

This is a 2-part urethane that was invented by NASA. It is now used anywhere that a hard, long lasting, durable finish is needed. It is basically the same coating applied to commercial aircraft without the added UV inhibitor to protect an aircraft from the suns rays. Since your tub is not going to be flying around in the sun, this as not an issue!

The advantages of this finish over other products are:

  • The top coating is an aliphatic. (This means that it is resistant to the chemicals that you will use to clean it.)
  • The base coating is designed for this application. (This means that it was designed to adhere to glass.) This is very important to the long lasting finish of your newly surfaced tub.
  • It supplies impact resistance.
  • It handles the temperature changes in your tub.
  • Color retention. (This product won't yellow like epoxy coatings used by other refinishers.)
  • This coating has been modified (i.e. no UV inhibitor) for use in the resurfacing industry. Other resurfacing companies may call their product or process "unique" or "special", but the reality is that all of the top resurfacing companies will be using aliphatic-type coating.

Porcelite is, basically, a series of coatings and steps that results in the application of a new refinished coat to your bathtub. The new refinish coat is applied as a liquid, so the tub is non-porous when the process is finished. The result is a beautiful bathtub that looks better, lasts longer, and cleans much easier.